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3 Positive Effects On You And Your Family By Giving To Charity

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For some of us, it can be difficult to figure out what constitutes as spoiling your children and worrying over whether giving your children everything will affect their personalities The last thing most parents want is to raise a self-entitled kid who thinks the world owes them something, at least not on purpose. Helping charity with your family can help teach your children gratitude and generosity by asking your children. Simple things your children can do, which won’t cost anything like asking your kids to pick out a few toys they never use and to take them to a local charity shop. Or helping to pick up litter in your area to help the environment. Better yet, if your kids are old enough, have a little family brainstorm, get them to think about what charity they would like to help, how they want to help and even ask why to get an insight into your kids’ ideas. Teaching your children some issues of the world can help them gain perspective on how lucky they are to have their health, loving parents/parent and a roof over their head.

Keeping Fit

Signing up for a fundraising walk, fun run, or pushing yourself for a marathon, any fundraising sports event could be just the motivation you need to get you into peak condition. It’s also an excuse to get out and active with the children. For instance, they could ride alongside you on their bikes while you’re jogging, or you might opt for a brisk walk pushing the stroller and exploring a new park, or even hit the gym when your partner returns from work and have a bit of you time. Either way, getting fit to help a charity in need will significantly help you too! Exercising is a massive stress buster when you’re parenting 24/7 and releases endorphins for an added feel-good factor. Not only will you improve your physique (which your other half will also thank you for) you’ll be helping a cause specifically of your choice and make a difference in the world.

Direction and Purpose

When dads commit to stay at home and sometimes leave their jobs to do so, they can feel as though they’ve lost a chunk of who they are and what their importance, purpose, and capabilities are outside of their home duties. For some Dads, this can be difficult to come to terms with and they may still yearn for something they can work towards or achieve on their own. Taking on a charity challenge could be just the thing you need to add some variety to your life. By choosing a task you’ve set out to achieve, this helps to add direction and purpose to your life, while also giving you a break from changing nappies and mopping up splattered food. It gives you confidence that aside from your role as a SAHD you have so many other qualities and attributes that are worth exercising and that you have the potential to help others with those qualities too.

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