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3 Things You Can Do to Always Keep Your Children Happy

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Every parent wants the best for their children. This means that they want the kids to be in great health, become well-adjusted adults, live a good life, and above all else, be happy. 

Sadly, global events, access to social media, and insidious causes are robbing children of their joyful childhood. Many parents and doctors are reporting an increased rate of panic attacks among children –something that was not the case as recently as 10 years ago. 

This is why it’s important, now more than ever, for parents to prioritise raising happy children. If not, these kids are likely to grow into glum and gloomy adults who are always morose. If you’re in need of a few ideas that will help you raise happy children, this article will help you.

Teach them How to Be Optimistic

Nothing is more important than teaching children optimism. This has become incredibly important these days because children now have access to social media and news sites. As you know, the majority of what’s on social media and the news is negative. 

If you, as an adult who has built some tolerance and buffer for bad news, watch and listens to the news all day, chances are you’ll naturally worry about the state of things. Which is one of the reasons why mental health experts often recommend that you periodically unplug from all that. 

If the bad news and social media have that kind of effect on you, how much more the kids, particularly as they become adolescents. Optimism has become a major life skill. So, start teaching them how to be optimistic so that they can cope and adapt to life and the future. The kids now need    

Teach the Kids the Importance of Relationships

Kindness and good relationships are the fabric of culture and society. It’s how people develop moral standards and values. You need to start teaching the kids to be kind to one another. 

Show them how to practice kindness and build a relationship with each other. Children with good sibling relationships tend to be better adjusted, develop more self-confidence, have improved self-esteem, and are generally nicer people. 

The combination of these attributes naturally results in happier individuals who value themselves, their family members, and other people in the society.  

Start Working on Your Happiness

Here’s the thing: you can only give what you have. If you’re unhappy, have a temper, or are abusive, it will not only rub off on your kids, it’ll scar them emotionally and psychologically. 

And because this is all they know, the children will naturally project the same things onto others. This is why you need to work on your attitude to life, your behaviour towards them, your emotions, and your optimism. Kids who are raised by happy parents tend to be happy themselves. 


Some extra tips include buying gifts for them –foryourlittleone has good gifts, praise their efforts more and minimise your emphasis on perfection, and always make sure they know they’re loved. If you do these things, your kids will thrive and be happy. 


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