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3 Tips For A Happy & Long-Lasting Marriage

It is estimated that the overall divorce rate in England and Wales is 33.3%. Basically, that means that one in three marriages will end in divorce. It’s a pretty crazy stat and there are so many possible reasons for it being so high. Couples just can’t seem to make things work, but this post might help you understand what makes a marriage. 

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Today, you’re going to see a few tips on how to have a happy and long-lasting marriage with the person you love! 

Don’t rush

Obviously, it’s hard to find the data to back this up, but I’d wager that a large percentage of failed marriages happen within a few years. Why? Because couples rush into things too quickly. As a country, we’d probably put family law solicitors out of business if we just took things slow and didn’t rush our relationships. Clearly, you might meet someone and it feels like love at first sight, prompting you to get married within a year. This simply is not enough time to know how you feel about someone. Give it some time to develop; move in with one another, see what that’s like. If you’re getting married before you’ve lived with each other and seen what it’s like to share a place 24/7, it’s a recipe for disaster. Take your time, enjoy the time you have together, then get married when it feels right. 

Be honest

Honesty is the best policy if you want a successful relationship. There is only one time when you should hide things from your spouse: during birthdays and Christmas. This is the only time when it is acceptable to be slightly deceptive and keep things secret! But, for the rest of the time, you should be open and honest with one another. Don’t lie about where you’re going, don’t lie about how you feel. If something annoys you, be honest about it. Explain why it annoys you and you will both appreciate the honesty in the relationship. Many marriages fail because there’s no honesty. 

Spend time together

Similarly, lots of marriages end because you don’t spend enough time together. No matter how busy someone is with work, they should always find time for their partner. Set aside time at the end of every day to just snuggle up and talk. Speak about your days, open up about your feelings – it’s the basis of every successful marriage. Go on dates together, have little mini-breaks with one another; do whatever you can to spend as much time with each other as you possibly can. I promise it will strengthen your relationship and make you love each other forever. 

To sum up: don’t rush into marriage when you’re super young or new as a couple. There’s no age limit on when you can get married, so don’t go full-speed ahead from the word go. Secondly, be honest at all times so you build trust. Combine this with spending time together and actually talking as a couple and you will have a marriage that people are envious of. 

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