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3 Tips For Having a Positive Impact in Everyday Life

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Most people want to have a positive impact on those they care about, their immediate surroundings, and perhaps even the world at large, over the course of their lives.

At the same time, though, it is not all clear in many cases how to actually go about having this kind of positive influence. Do you have to commit yourself to a particular charitable organisation full-time? Or to travel the world doing some form of outreach work?

For some people, these sorts of things might be a natural calling – but for everyone else, it’s possible to have a really powerful positive impact in everyday life, in much more straightforward ways.

Here are just a handful of tips for having a positive impact in everyday life.

Focus on the good you can do moment by moment, and in your immediate surroundings

If you find yourself feeling as though you are helpless to affect positive change on a wide scale, perhaps the first thing you should do is to stop thinking about the wider scale so much, and to focus instead on the good you can do moment by moment, in your immediate surroundings.

Every day, we are all confronted by situations where we have the opportunity to behave in ways that are positive, helpful, and uplifting, or selfish, unhelpful, and thoughtless.

Although doing a good deed today may not seem like it’s having a very dramatic impact on the world, these good deeds can often have a very powerful positive effect on the lives of the individuals we interact with – and since we are all so intimately interconnected, you never know how much good may end up resulting from a simple act of kindness or attentiveness, in a single moment.

Take care of your own well-being, and do things to centre and balance yourself

If you want to have a positive influence on your surroundings, and the people you interact with, perhaps the first place to start is by taking care of your own well-being and treating yourself as someone you’re trying to be a good friend to, as well.

Generally speaking, when you are centred and balanced, and are experiencing a good degree of well-being, you will be better company for those around you, and more likely to behave consistently in a positive and uplifting way.

So, find some hobbies and pastimes that help you in this way – whether that means researching ryegrass vs bermuda grass and spending some time gardening, or simply getting a bit more sleep in order to be less moody.

Make a point to actively refrain from petty and mean spirited actions

Often, a major part of “doing good” and “having a positive impact” really just comes down to not doing things that we know to be petty, mean-spirited, or harmful.

A certain amount of conflict is inevitable in life, and it’s certainly not a good thing to be a pushover. But, at the same time, if you can keep yourself from snapping at others or being unnecessarily judgemental, you will certainly have a more positive impact as a whole.

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