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3 Ways To Live The Happiest Life

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Who doesn’t want to be living their happiest life? Happiness is something that you crave and that you deserve. It is also something that some people have, but not necessarily everyone. Sometimes happiness can come and go, you can be happy at one point, other times not. Being happy brings meaning to your life and along with aiming to have a positive impact on life, is something you are always working for. But, yet you may still find yourself feeling sad and having negative emotions and feelings surging through your body such as feelings of stress or being anxious. 

So, how can you become happier every day? How can you make sure you are happier more consistently and ensure that you have fewer negative emotions circulating through your mind and body? Here are some simple ways to unlock happiness into your life. 

Focus On The Good

In order to be happy and remain happy it is important that you focus on the positive and teach yourself to look for the good instead of focusing upon the negatives. Your mind is a powerful tool, when you let it focus on the negative aspects that consume your thoughts and you won’t feel happy. 

In order to create a strong foundation for your own happiness, you need to change yours through the process. Bad things will always happen but how you let them impact your happiness is within your control. You need to reset your mind and change your perspective. Instead of looking for the bad, it is now about training your brain to see and focus on the good. You can do this through positive thinking and telling yourself positive mantras daily, or through a gratification journal. 

Do What Makes You Happy

If you are not doing something that makes you happy, having a positive mental attitude will only take you so far. If your career isn’t bringing you joy, your relationship is making you unhappy or your friendships are toxic, you need to identify that and make positive changes to ensure your happiness continues. 

Making changes to your career and following your dream to become self-employed or working as an Orthodontists Canberra are positive steps that will pay off to ensure keeping your happiness on the up is met. 


Sometimes you need that little boost to get the happy hormone circulating. Smiling does just this. Not only do you smile when you are happy, but when you smile you start to feel happy. The act and the feelings work both ways. 

This is because when you smile a hormone is released within your brain. This positive hormone makes your feel happy. Of course, it isn’t necessary to walk around with a grin plastered across your face 24/7 but making a conscious effort to smile more will make you feel better about yourself. Not only that, but when you are happy and smile at others, it brightens their day and in return yours when that smile and positivity is returned.


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