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5 Simple Steps To Improved Mental Wellness

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If your mental health has taken a beating in recent times, you are not alone. We have been living through some very difficult circumstances but now is the time to regain control. 

It may seem like a daunting prospect. However, you can see dramatic improvements by focusing on some very simple steps. Here are five that should work wonders.

#1. Spend more time with loved ones

One of the main reasons that people have seen their mental health fade is that they have not had the chance to enjoy life to the max. Doing things you like with the people you love is the key to your ongoing happiness. Therefore, an added focus on creating memorable occasions with your family should be a priority. Days out and vacations are the things that you remember while those recreational activities also bring a sense of balance to your world. Of course, creating time for friends that you were unable to see is vital too.

#2. Invest in your physical health

Physical and mental wellness are very closely linked. Untreated aches and pains can have a huge impact on your mental health. Visiting an osteopath to ease the discomfort of your back and shoulders, for example, can work wonders. Moreover, you should focus on nutrition and exercise, as well as improved sleep patterns. You’ll feel more comfortable, gain self-confidence, and have lower cortisol levels.

#3. Understand your triggers

If your mental health has taken a downward turn, there is a reason for it. And it can’t be attributed solely to the pandemic. Your triggers could be linked to financial situations, a lack of work-life balance, toxic friendships, or many other issues. Whatever your source of stress or triggers for anxiety might be, researching them is key. It will enable you to address them in the most effective way. Mental health is a complex issue, taking a more personal approach in this way will make a world of difference.

#4. Stop comparisons 

There are many contributing factors to the increasingly common mental health problems in society. Still, comparisons are one of the worst culprits. Humans have always fallen into the trap of thinking the best of others and the worst of themselves. Nonetheless, social media has made the situation even worse. Friends, celebrities, and influencers all promote their perfect lives. So, when yours doesn’t match it, an inferiority complex can surface. As such, learning to focus on yourself can be the smartest thing you do.

#5. Talk

Perhaps most importantly, you must accept the need to talk about any mental health issues that you’ve experienced. This can mean visiting a psychologist. Or it may simply mean sharing your problems with friends, relatives, or other people that have been through similar situations. There is no longer any need to feel shame or guilt about seeking support, not least because a lot of help is available. If nothing else, opening up about your issues will lift a weight from your shoulders.


Your mental health issues won’t suddenly evaporate, but there will be a significant improvement.


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