5 Ways To Make Your Child’s Bedtime Stress-Free


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Being a parent is a joy, but many challenges come with the privilege. One such challenge is bedtime. Getting your children into bed is one thing, but getting them to stay there is another. How many times have you put your child to bed, and minutes later discovered them at the bottom of the stairs with one of the following complaints. The room is too hot or too cold, the monster is still lurking under the bed, or they just can’t get to sleep! Bedtime is tough, but we are here to help. Take a look at our advice below.

Focus on the bed

For starters, ensure the bed is the right size for your child. They are growing every day, so there will be times when you need to buy something new.

For babies and toddlers, we recommend a Moses basket, such as those sold at www.for-your-little-one.co.uk. They are warm and cozy to sleep in and don’t take up a lot of room. As your child grows, you will need to buy a bed with a firm but comfortable mattress, and soft, cotton bed sheets that are non-allergenic.

A bed that is comfortable to sleep in will ensure your child has a better chance of falling asleep sooner.

Be careful of late night snacks

Some foods will make your child feel relaxed and sleepy, so we recommend you read the article at www.netmums.com for more information. Anything high in sugar or caffeine, are guaranteed to give your child higher bursts of energy, which may include hyperactivity. Large meals should also be avoided before going to bed, as the food will cause digestive problems, as well as a difficulty to sleep.

Turn off the tv

Check out the article on Sleep.org as to why you should limit the amount of time your child watches tv before bedtime. The same also applies to mobile devices. Instead, encourage your children to do something active before bed, such as going for a short walk as a family, which will tire them out and allow them to fall to sleep quickly.

Make bedtime enjoyable

For starters, read our article at Coldcuppaclub.com, which incorporates the routine of bath, bed, and book. Bathtime can be fun for kids, and it also gets them away from the tv. When in bed, tuck your children in, and tell them a good story. A favourite book is always a good idea, as your children will know what’s happening next in the story, and familiarity can increase relaxation. Making bedtime an enjoyable experience, rather than a stressful one, will ensure you can all go to bed feeling happy and rested.

Be firm

Finally, you need to stand firm with your kids. You may let your child stay up a little later on the weekend, but weeknights need to be consistent. Let your kids know a few minutes before bedtime so they can prepare themselves. Avoid them getting into bad bedtime habits, such as getting into your bed after lights out, as this will make things harder for you in the long term.

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