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5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe When You Are Out and About

If there is one thing we can predict about our kids, it’s that they are unpredictable. And when we are in our homes, we have a certain level of control over what happens by childproofing and securing what we can. But when we are out and about, things can be very different.

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Don’t be afraid to use safety equipment

When your little darling gets to the age when they would rather walk instead of taking the buggy, this is a great chance to tire them out by making their little legs work. The downside is that little children have terrible impulses and have a habit of running off. There are plenty of safety harnesses available to buy that look nice and will keep your child safe. Never feel ashamed about putting your child’s safety first.

Be age-appropriate

It is always important to remember that our kids think that they are invincible and believe that they can do anything. Although we would like to cultivate this feeling as they go into adulthood, when they want to climb on something that is clearly unsafe, we need to step in. By visiting places that are age-appropriate and that have been checked by health and safety consultants, you can feel safe that your child can play safely.


Know where you are going

No matter where you are travelling to, make sure that you know what you are walking into when you get there. Are there toilets? Changing areas? Kids food menus? These might not seem like a big deal but they can mean the difference between a great day and a disaster. Having access to a changing table while you are out can mean that you have a safe space to change nappies instead of doing it on a dirty bathroom floor or balancing your baby on your knee.


Teach them about stranger danger

Stranger danger is one of the most important things that we can teach our kids when we go out. If, in the unlikely event that we get separated from our kids, they should have a plan to find us. They need to know that walking away with a helpful stranger is not an option. One of the best things that you can teach them is to go to a shop worker with a name tag. Do not teach them to search out a security guard as this is a well-known poly to grab kids. 


Be mindful of the weather

The weather can be one of the worst things to go wrong on a day out. If you have a planned day out in the sun and it rains, you run the risk of catching a chill if you get soaked. And if the sun suddenly appears and you don’t have sunscreen, you can run the risk of ending up with a sunburn. Always prepare yourself for any type of weather. This may mean bringing fold up raincoats and sunscreen in your bag, but it is worth it. Always check the weather before you leave the house.

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