7 Websites you should be clicking on everyday


I used to enjoy buying the odd Lottery ticket but haven’t for ages, I got a bit fed up handing over my £2 especially when they added more numbers and decreased the already minuscule chances of winning.

Instead I decided to focus my energies on a few quick FREE clicks a day that could make me a few pennies, now granted, these sites aren’t going to make me a millionaire, but as they hardly take any effort and are free I think they well worth signing up to. You do need to log in everyday to check if you have won.

I have book marked all the pages I use and just open them once a day to check.

Today I was the lucky winner on Lucky Patch, I won £104, I was quite shocked when I logged on and found out. A few hours later the £104 was already in my bank account.


1) Lucky Patch 

Sign up to Lucky Patch and claim virtual patches of land,  everyday that you log in you are able to claim 5 extra lucky patches. There is also a referral system and if you get your friends to sign up you will be rewarded with extra patches.

To check if you have won click “lucky patches” then the claim button. If you are lucky you will see the above message.

When you are logged in, have a look at your patches and see if you can find Bob, click on him and £5 will be added to your personal bonus. Every day that you log on Bob will add 50p to your bonus. If however, you don’t log on you will lose 50p of your bonus.


If your patch is the lucky patch of the day you will be rewarded the minimum prize(£100) and your personal bonus.

2) Lucky Phone 

I love Lucky Phone and have cashed out a few times already.

There are 3 draws on the site daily, your phone number is converted into a lucky number and you get points awarded for matching numbers, much like the normal lottery. You accrue the points and once you reach £10 in loyalty points you are able to a claim. When I have claimed it has been very quick.

3) Free Postcode Lottery

Sign up to the Free Postcode Lottery using your post code(or any that you fancy, recently Buckingham Palaces post code came up!) then check the site daily, they have several draws on the page(don’t forget to check the very bottom of the page between 6pm and 12pm for a chance to win £20 in the mini draw)

Make sure you check the Main draw, Survey draw, Video Draw, Stackpot and Bonus draw.

I have yet to win this, but the prize fund can get quite large(I have just checked and today’s main draw is £900).

Each day that you log on you are credited with a 1p bonus.

4) DOB Lottery

Another simple one, sign up and check back every day if your date of birth has won.

5) Selfie Lottery 

Sign up to the Selfie Lottery with a selfie and check back everyday to see if you have won. The Selfie Lottery prize is made up of the Jackpot(which increases daily as it rolls over), a referral bonus for referring friends as well as a Loyalty bonus(50p/day that you check the site)

6) Ashleigh Money Saver

Every day Ashleigh Money Saver gives away £50.

7) Badger The Button

A new one, so well worth getting in early.

*Disclaimer, some of the above links are referral links and I maybe rewarded as a result of you signing up through them, this will not “cost” you anything.  








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