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Back to School #coldcuppaclub

It’s that time of the year, back to school. The shops are filled with back to school “essentials”, frazzled parents crowd shoe shops with grumpy children who don’t want to spend their day trying on school shoes. Call me crazy, but I love back to school shopping. I loved back to school shopping, new stationery, new books, text books to cover, new shiny school shoes, unfortunately that is where my enthusiasm for school ended though!

Back to School #coldcuppaclub

Josh is starting reception in September, he’s been at the schools nursery for a year already, so its not such a big transition for him. After a year of use, most of his school clothes are looking a bit worse for wear or outgrown. So a “back to school” shop was on the cards.

Many parents struggle with the cost of school uniforms and supplies. Here are our top tips for keeping school related costs down. Ocean Finance sponsored our shopping trip, taking the stress out of the ordeal.

  1. Before you go shopping, take stock of what you do already have

I had made a shopping list but decided to take a quick look in Joshs wardrobe and was surprised to see he had 10 pairs of school socks! After checking that none had holes, etc. I struck them off my list.


2. After re-evaluating your order synthroid no prescription list, stick to it!

I made the mistake of taking Josh shopping with me, I thought he would share my excitement, he did! But that resulted in us having to buy a Paw Patrol back pack that he “needed”.

Back to School #coldcuppaclub

3. Make sure you stock up on stain removers, so that stains can be removed as soon as possible

4. Buy some cotton and needles if you don’t already have. Its really easy to do a few stitches and could save buying something new for a few more months.  

5. I wanted to make a homework station, but due to a lack of space we reused this cutlery tray into a stationery organiser.

Back to School #coldcuppaclub

6. Label everything, its not such a daunting experience, there are many options out there, sew in, iron on or even stamp depending on your requirements.

7. Encourage independence, Josh can dress himself with ease but battles getting his shoes on the right feet, he often came home with his shoes on the wrong feet when he was in Nursery. The more he can do himself in the morning the easier and smoother our morning is.

Easy2name sent us these awesome stickers to help him put his shoes on the right feet.

Easy2name, Back to School #coldcuppaclub


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Ocean Finance. We were provided with the shoe labels from Easy2name, all opinions are my own.

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