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8 Things You Need For Your Perfect Dream Wedding

If your other half has popped the question then you may be busy planning your wedding. It can be an exciting and nerve-wracking time for you while you make sure everything is sorted and you haven’t forgotten anything. There is a lot to consider and think about when it comes to planning a wedding. Check out the list below to make sure you have everything in place. 

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First of all, you will be excited to go dress shopping. A lot of people dream about their dream wedding dress so you may already have an idea of what type you want to buy. Of course, you don’t even have to buy your wedding dress these days. You can rent them for a day or a couple of days. This often works out significantly cheaper but there is a catch, you have to keep it clean or get it cleaned before you drop it off. If you don’t want to have a gorgeous wedding dress sitting in the back of your cupboard forever then renting the dress might be the best option for you. 


This is essential and a decision that you have to get right to avoid any regrets either on your wedding day or later down the line. When it comes to choosing your bridesmaids you might be set on who you are going to ask, especially if you have multiple friends to consider. You could always opt for having multiple bridesmaids if you can’t choose. You might also be thinking about who could be your maid of honor if you are having one. Your bridesmaids will also need dresses for the wedding. If you want them to have matching dresses then you will need to take them all out shopping. 


Something that is even more important than the outfits is the wedding venue. This is where you will say your vows and potentially party hard afterward. It can take some time to find the perfect venue, one you both like the look and feel of. Once you have found the venue, you will be able to decide on the date you want to set for the wedding. If you decide on a date first and the venue isn’t available then this can lead to disappointment. It is much better to have a few dates or even a certain month in your mind before you look around venues. 


When it comes to your wedding venue, occasionally you may have to design it and dress it up yourself. This is often the case if you choose a location not usual for weddings, an example of this could be a converted barn. You may need to add lights and other things to make it seem more wedding-like. A great addition to your wedding could be a flower wall or champagne fountain.

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When everything is sorted, date and venue, then you will be able to send out the invites. Make sure you have everything you need including on the invites, this means the venue, the time, the date, RSVP, and where the reception is. If you don’t include an RSVP then you won’t know how many people are turning up to your wedding.  


When you get married there is one thing that symbolizes your never-ending love for each other. That is, of course, the wedding rings or bands. You can either get matching ones that come as a set or you can get your own individual ones. It helps to go together so you can try them on before buying them. Make sure that whoever is looking after the rings at your wedding takes extra special care of them. 


When you are walking down the aisle you will need some gorgeous flowers to complement the color scheme. Once you know when you are getting married and what colors you want to go for then you will be able to order your flowers. Contact a local florist to see if they offer wedding flowers. You might want to go off recommendations from friends and family for your wedding flowers as you don’t want the wrong ones. Make sure you check out reviews before you decide who to use. 


Finally, if you have decided on a wedding venue then you will need to have some entertainment for your guests. This can be absolutely anything from a photo booth to a caricature artist. Whatever will get you and your guests buzzing. You may not even need entertainment at your wedding, you might just be relying on the DJ or your own music. If it doesn’t fit into your budget then there is no point in having it. 

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