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#Alphablogbites A is For Activities


Naomi of Me Becoming Mum and Mandi of Hex Mum Blog have set up some daily blog post prompts for November. Today is the letter A, I’ve decided to blog about our autumnal walk to the park yesterday.

#AlphaBlogBites #ColdCuppaClub

A is for Autumnal Activities

It’s also for autumn, so I’m sharing our impromptu autumnal walk in the park.  It was the last day of half term yesterday and everyone was getting fed up of being stuck indoors. So we grabbed our coats and headed off to the park. Upon arrival, we noticed a large group of teenage boys hanging around the climbing frame, they had make quite a bit of litter and used the bottom of the slide to discard unwanted crisps and packets. Luckily Josh and Kate didn’t take too much convincing that we should rather go for a walk.

Autumnal walk #coldcuppaclub

Josh and Kate seemed in awe of all the brightly coloured leaves laying beneath the trees. At first they just ran about, it didn’t take long for them to start looking at the leaves, some were big, “the most ginormous leaf I’ve ever seen” to quote Kate. Josh went on to play Peek-Boo with the leaves.

Autumnal walk #coldcuppaclub

Autumnal walk #coldcuppaclub

Leaves were thrown up as confetti, kicked, jumped on so that they could hear them crumble.

Autumnal walk #coldcuppaclub

To keep them moving I suggested that we go see if we can find the squirrels we had seen previously. Kate reliably informed me that perhaps they are hibernating!

We walked along some more and Josh noticed how tall their shadows were, they danced about with the shadows then ran off chasing them.

Autumnal walk #coldcuppaclub

Surprisingly we had a nice time at the park, everyone certainly returned home in a better mood. I regret not going to the park more often in half term.

Megan got a bit irritable, I don’t think she appreciated begin strapped in the pushchair while Kate and Josh had all the fun. She can stand and is slowing gaining the confidence to attempt a step or two. Soon she’ll be joining in.

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