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#Alphablogbites B is For Birthday


#Alphablogbites B is For Birthday

A great choice for today as it is actually my birthday!

Given the topic: and that it is my birthday, I spent a lot of time thinking about birthdays today.

I remember being so excited and counting down the days,

I remember spending hours looking through all my mums old magazines to choose a cake

I remember the year my mum made me a carousel cake

I remember said carousel cake being placed on the record player to make it more realistic

I remember the speed being turned up, horses flying

I remember the big birthdays,

I remember the excitement of turning 16, so I could get a part time job

I remember the excitement of turning 18, so I could drive and drink(obviously not at the same time!)

I remember the excitement of turning 21, then I could do anything?

I synthroid online canada remember the shock of turning 30, where did the years go?

And today, I think about the years still to come

I think about how you spend half your life wanting it to speed up so that you can do xyz

And the other half wanting it to slow down

Josh is going though a phase that he is obsessed with numbers, he’s told me a few times today that I’m 33, not letting me forget! Apparently when he’s 5 he’s going to be so big. He’s a real character, a few weeks ago he told me that he was going to start driving when he was 16, I replied that he would need to be a little older, he was adamant and so convincing that daddy said he can drive at 16 that I started doubting myself!




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