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#Alphablogbites F is For Fireworks

#Alphablogbites F is For Fireworks

On the 5th of November we joined the crowd of 30,000 at Heaton Park for their annual bonfire and firework display. It was the first time that we enjoyed the fireworks at Heaton park.

On arrival at Heaton Park, it looked like a well organised affair. There were people checking bags as we entered. A sign at the entrance indicated that no sparklers were to be used. Apparently some people can’t read or make out the pictures on signs.

With 30, 000 attendees, you can imagine just how busy it was. Despite the signs some parents thought that the sparkler rule didn’t apply to their little angels. Leaving me to explain to my children that we didn’t bring sparklers because its not a very smart thing to do at an event of this size and the signs at the gate made it quite clear they weren’t welcome, of course Joshua then asked the inevitable question of why do they have sparklers? It was hard to bite my tongue and not call you idiots. So next time that you think they rules don’t apply to your children, please buy synthroid online pharmacy kindly explain to all surrounding children what makes your little darling so special.

It was quite a chilly evening and as it was past bedtime already. The kids were a little unenthusiastic about everything. About half an hour after the bonfire started the fireworks began. It was quite a show and got Josh and Kate’s attention. We started edging towards the gate in the hope of missing the rush as people left. Once the firework display had ended we were already out the gate and walking around the fence. We then witnessed a few people starting to remove the wire fence panels. Pushing them to the side, saving them the 10 minute walk because yet again, the rules and guides don’t apply to them. Biting my tongue again, I tried not to call you an idiot while explaining to a 4 year old with tired legs that we were doing the right thing.

Remember, Remember

Remember, remember!
    The fifth of November,
    The Gunpowder treason and plot;
    I know of no reason
    Why the Gunpowder treason
    Should ever be forgot!

Fireworks at Heaton Park #coldcuppaclub


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