#Blogtober16 Day 1 Who Are You?

Mandi of Hexmumblog has issued a challenge to bloggers to blog everyday in October, its going to be tough, but I will be making an effort to complete as many prompts as I can.

Day 1: Who are you?

Well, that should be easy to answer, but its really not, that question opens up a can of worms.

The easy answer is, I’m mum to Josh, Kate and Megan. A coffee drinking, happy go lucky mum. But thats my role today, its not who I am, there is more to me that that, but while these 3 are still so little, thats all I can be right now.

I used to be organised(a procrastinator but always got the job finished in the end), this is me finishing off a flower girl dress on the day of my wedding, my hair and make up had already been done. These days, no amount of organisation can control the chaos that 3 little people bring, I sometimes make plans and refer to the 3 of them as the unknown variables.


I used to like browsing around shops and window shopping, these days, its internet shopping for me. Can’t be dragging them around the shops, its just not worth it! This is what Josh thinks about shopping:


I used to be a crafter, but no longer, have you tried attempting anything with “help”.  And Josh didn’t seem very keen when I when I made him things:


My desire to learn to bake better, well, that has been put on hold, this is as good as it gets these days.


One day I’ll be me again, but today I’m just a mum and thats ok, because it won’t always be like this.

Kate won’t always agree to dressing up like The Very Hungry Caterpillar so mummy can enter another competition(though she does share Josh’s enthusiasm for the Caterpillar hat)

The Very Hungry Caterpillar #coldcuppaclub

Megan won’t always lie still so I can try something I saw on Pinterest.


And one day, Josh won’t ask me to take photos of him and his Lego.


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