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Christmas Gift Ideas: Baby girl

Baby girl gift ideas

It’s so difficult buying for Megan, choosing a baby girl gift is nearly impossible, she has most of Josh and Kates toys, so she doesn’t really need anything.

Baby girl gift

Something they want

Megan is very into music and dances along to anything. I’m hoping the Fisher Price Dance and Move Beatbo will keep her entertained without driving us mad!

Something they need

Megan still isn’t sleeping through the night and often it takes a while to get her to sleep at night. My First Baby Annabell Cuddly Sleeping Lamb Doll has a nightlight and plays lullabies. I am hoping that if we include it in her bedtime synthroid price routine she may get into a better sleep pattern. 

Something to wear

How cute are these sleepsuits from the Essential one? Megan is often in sleepsuits all day, they look so cute and comfortable! I hate dressing her in anything that looks uncomfortable.

Something to read

An absolute classic in our house, Each Peach Pear Plum is a firm favourite and we really need a new copy, ours is well loved and falling to pieces. Josh and Kate have both enjoyed studying the illustrations in this book and it won’t be long before Megan is seeking out the characters with them.

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