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Christmas Gift Ideas: Cyclist gifts

Christmas Gift Ideas #ColdCuppaClub

Cyclist gifts

My next guide covers cyclist gifts.

Cyclist gifts #coldcuppaclub

My brother is an avid cyclist, its really difficult to know what to get him, he’s quite specific about what he puts on his bike. So I consulted him and asked for a few cyclist gift ideas.

Something they want

A compact tool set and a puncture repair kit is a must for any cyclist. Such a bargain too, find the set here.

Something they need

With a really good review and real leather palms, these cycling gloves look like a welcome gift.

Something to wear

My brother is obsessed with cycling socks, he likes socks that are a little quirky, I’m going to get him these. Thinking how to order synthroid online about it, maybe its a genetic thing, my mum loves socks too.

Something to read

And to finish off the list, a great read, 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs, A road cyclists guide to Britains Hills.

My brother loves a selfie, sometimes I wonder how he hasn’t fallen off his bike yet! Or perhaps he has and hasn’t admitted to yet. Just have a look at his instagram.

Have you got anything to add to my cyclist gifts?

If you missed any of my other guides you can find them here. Be sure to come back, I’ll be doing a gift guide for everyone on my list.

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