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Christmas Gift Ideas: For the Golfer

Christmas Gift Ideas #ColdCuppaClub

Gift Ideas for the Golfer from

Struggling with gift ideas for the Golfer in the family? Golf seems to be an addictive sport and once you’ve caught the bug it becomes an obsession rather than a hobby.

Something they want

Is the golfer in your life blaming his bad game because he is tired of carrying his bag? This golf trolley looks great, it has really good reviews and is sure to be a dream to pull around the course. The only problem is the golfer will have to find a new excuse about his poor game!

Something they need

I love this review on Amazon for these balls:

“Excellent value for the price paid. These balls perform well, but unfortunately still get lost.” Amazon Review

Pretty much sums the situation up. Its the balls fault for getting lost!

Something to wear

When the weather isn’t playing along, synthroid perhaps its time to sit in front of the telly and watch some golf. These slippers look nice and comfortable.

Something to read

As its probably not in a golfers best interests to disappear to the golf course on Christmas or boxing day, perhaps they could have a read of these Golfing jokes. This little book is sure to increase their joke repertoire to share with friends at the 19th hole, lets just hope they don’t expect you to laugh when they ask you why the albatross crossed the road.

What are the four worst words you could hear during a game of golf?
It’s still your turn!

What are you buying the golfer in your life? Or if you are a golfer, what would have you got on your list?

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