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Christmas Gift Ideas: Knitter gifts

Christmas Gift Ideas #ColdCuppaClub

Knitter gifts

A few knitter gifts for the family’s knitter. knitter gifts #coldcuppaclub

Something they want

I think most knitters appreciate anything hand dyed, despite being a joy to look at, there is always the suspense of finding out what it looks like once knitted, then pulling it apart and starting again(and again and again) but that is half the fun! Find this gorgeous skein here.

Something they need

It seems to be compulsory for every knitter to have a an old Whiskey tube filled with knitting needles. I know my collection of needles is a bit of a mish mash of brands and colours, it would be awesome if they all matched. The needles in the picture are actually brand name synthroid online circular knitting needles, they can be found here.

Something to wear

This was such a difficult category for me to decide on. I originally planned on including a knit your own socks kit or some quirky woolen socks but after seeing this t- shirt, I was sold!

Something to read

Another difficult category but this book looks appealing. Nothing like learning a new skill to occupy on these cold dark nights.

If you missed any of my other guides you can find them here. Be sure to come back, I’ll be doing a gift guide for everyone on my list.

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