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Christmas Gift Ideas: Gifts for my toddler daughter

Toddler daughter Gifts

Kate is nearly 3 and has been obsessing about getting a Hatchimal since she saw an ad for them. On reading reviews I don’t think it would keep her attention past the hatching phase, so I started looking for an alternative “virtual pet”.

Gifts for my daughter

Something they want

I’m quite sure she will be happier with the Baby Born Interactive Wonderland Dragon. It has light up eyes and nostrils and is controlled with a gentle tap on the forehead with the magic wand, Kate will be thrilled about this as she loves “making magic” with her wand. 

Something they need

Kate will be starting Nursery next year, she’s very excited. I though this lunch box was really cute and practical.

Something to wear

We went to see Disney on Ice Frozen a few weeks ago and Kate was enthralled, she would love this Frozen dressing gown, I love the hood!

Something to read

Kate is not interested in potty training at all. I’m not sure what we are going to do as she has to be potty trained before she starts nursery. She’s the complete opposite to Josh, who woke up one day and decided he was no longer wearing nappies(typically we were going on holiday that day and had a 4 hour drive ahead of us, we were apprehensive about leaving his nappy off, but he did it!). Maybe a book with sounds will entice her to use the potty!

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