Easy Yoghurt Cake – EasiYo Yoghurt

Easy Yoghurt Cake Easiyo #coldcuppaclub

I was looking for an easy yoghurt cake recipe, as we had some yoghurt left over and I didn’t want to waste it(read our review of the Easiyo yoghurt maker here).

I finally found one on Pinterest that looked really simple. Kate is loving my Kenwood as much as I am and she has been asking to bake for a few days now, its best to keep it simple when baking with Kate as sometimes her enthusiasm is like that of a Bull in a China shop.

The recipe(find it here) suggests greek yoghurt but we used normal yoghurt and it worked really well. We used the peach flavour EasiYo.  My bundt tin(Click here for one just like mine) is quite tall and needed about 10 minutes more cooking time than the recipe stated.

Next time I think I might make a glace icing to go on top instead of the icing sugar. It would be amazing with lemon yoghurt and a lemon drizzle icing.

Baking with Kate is such fun, she is such a character, we had a good laugh as she couldn’t say mixer, she kept saying miska. As I was pouring the batter into the tin, she exclaimed, “wait! please stop, I need to get my phone so that I can take a photo”. I’ve created a monster!

Easy Yoghurt Cake Easiyo #coldcuppaclub


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