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Finding Fashionable Yet Practical Luggage Bags For Your Travels

When travelling, it is often the case that comfort is more important than looking fashionable. It is not a surprise; the runway you are going to be on is a lot different from the fashion world, and it is not one that bodes well for tight clothes and uncomfortable stylish wear. Nevertheless, one area whereby you can let your true fashionista shine through is via the accessories that you wear. One accessory, in particular, takes prime importance above them all, and that is, of course, your suitcase. After all, a travel bag is the ultimate vacation accessory, right?

There are lots of different styles of bags available, but which ones are the most fashionable this season? First and foremost, one material which is very much at the height of fashion at present is that of leather. Whether you opt for a case which is covered in full leather or you simply buy one adorned with leather patches, it doesn’t matter – they are both as equally stylish and it all depends on your taste. A great thing about this trend is that it is highly versatile and goes with every outfit. Plus, you can find a matching toiletry bag, such as the John Henric toiletry bag for men, and there are plenty of equivalent options for women too.  Overall, a leather luggage bag is super sleek and stylish.

If leather is not your thing and you want to opt for a suitcase made out of fabric or alternatively one of the hard but lightweight plastic ones, then there are also some highly fashionable options. When choosing colours, it is stylish to stick with something dark but rich, rather than bright. Colours such as; jade, burgundy, violet, plum, and navy are all great options. What’s more is that they are perfect colours for the current winter season.

If you want to opt for a patterned case for your travels, then there are lots of different choices at your disposal. Two of the most popular options at present are to either go for floral or army print. The former is a choice which is perfect for girly girls. Moreover, there are lots of different floral print cases available and so you can find something individual. Army print, on the other hand, is something which is at the height of fashion at the moment thanks to the popular military trend. It is perfect for those who like an edgy and bold look, and it suits both men and women.

The next trend is something that is both stylish and useful; lots of compartments. The more complexities and parts of a suitcase there is, the better. It gives the bag an added dimension and makes it look more sleek and sophisticated. Moreover, it also comes in extremely useful too because there will be more places to store your stuff. This is especially good for women because it means that liquids, make-up, and perfume can be separated in order to ensure that if something smashes it does not damage anything else in the case.

All in all, if you consider one of the options mentioned in this blog post, then you are bound to be not only a jet setter but a trendsetter as well!


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