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First day of school: 13 of our favourite back to school photos

Kate is starting reception, we had a little “first day of school photo shoot”. She is beyond excited, I have tried my best to capture her excitement in some photos as its so lovely to see her big smile. I’m not expecting it to last long, especially on those cold, dark mornings that she would rather stay home and cuddle up and watch a movie!

Here are some of the photos we took of our “first day of school photo shoot”

  1. The front door, it’s a classic and has to be done

2. A similar photo but a change of location. Take a few photos and try to capture their excitement.

3. We’ve been reading Starting School by Janet Ahlberg and it made a good photo prop.

4. The PE bag or a backpack if your child uses one.

5. Kate insisted on a photo of her water bottle, I find it a lot easier to take photos of Kate if I ask her for suggestions, she feels like she has some control and I get bigger smiles.

6. We got out some of her wooden foods and she packed a lunch bag.

7. We remembered these glasses from the dress up box and thought it would make a cute photo


8. We looked for some more toys to use as props. The globe was perfect.

9. As were the wooden blocks

10. And the abacus of course!

11. I got her to write her name on the easel so that we can compare her handwriting at the end of the year.

12. While we had the chalkboard out, we decided to do this one. I cheated and took the photo of a plain easel and added the text afterwards.

13. She was desperate to try her personalised pencils, so we got out phonics book and she practised her “S”.

Kate was sent back to school gifts from Born Gifted to help her feel special on her first day of school. She’s so excited at the moment but as the day gets closer I think she may start to feel a little nervous and overwhelmed. Having her own special personalised things will hopefully support her identity and settle in quicker.

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