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Fortbuilding time: Time4Sleep

We have had a very busy summer holiday, we have just moved into a new house. Moving with 3 kids has been a tough experience, they are oozing excitement and can’t contain it.

With their toys scattered between 2 houses, they have been feeling a little lost. Luckily, a few weeks ago I signed up to Time4Sleeps fort building challenge.

Using a large sheet that we tie-dyed earlier a couple of weeks ago, 2 empty bookcases and a washing line prop, we were able to make a blanket fort. The kids thought it was amazing. They calmed down and let us get on with the move while safely tucked away in their fort.


The torch was a big hit, Kate made a discovery: “Look mum, when I pull the torch down, the light gets bigger.”


Then Josh made some shadow puppets.

Time for a quick snack.


And back to reading.

I’m sure there will be a lot more fort building in the near future, the girls have already asked if they can make it a permanent feature in their new bedroom.

Disclosure: we were sent items from Time4Sleep to make our fort. 

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