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Dream Garden Shed – Tiger Sheds

Christmas playhouse

Playing outside in the garden shed is such a magical childhood experience. Kate loves playing role play games and her imagination is quite incredible.

Tiger Sheds issued a challenge to design our dream garden shed(more details here).

Dream Garden Shed

Kate and I enjoy doing arts and crafts together, so we couldn’t wait to get started. We enlarged the template and printed it out quite a lot bigger so that it would be easier for Kate to help cut and fold the structure.

After much deliberation, we decided on a Christmas theme. In the hope that the Elf on the Shelf will make it his home when he arrives.

We cut up strips of brown paper and glued them on to replicate the wooden shed panelling. Then we assembled the structure, it was looking good but then Joshua suggested the windows needed some glass, so we dug around in the craft box and found some cellophane. It was quite tricky putting it in once the shed was made, purchase synthroid online no prescription next time we’ll do the windows first! We added the snow, then Josh and Kate got creative with the stickers.

Dream garden shed

Josh and Kate had a cardboard playhouse last year, it was just before Christmas, so we made that into a Christmas cottage. They loved it and spent many happy hours inside pretending to be little elves.



What is a shed?

Well to you and me: it’s the wooden structure at the end of the garden,

a place to store the garden tools and perhaps the barbecue,

but to a child, it’s so much more,

it’s the grandmothers’ cottage in a game of Red riding hood,

its a pirate ship sailing the 7 seas,

a jail in a game of cops and robbers,

it’s a den to share a picnic,

it’s a car park for their bikes and scooters,

a space ship traveling to mars,

there is no limit in a child’s mind.

Dream Garden Shed

Josh and Kate would love to own a garden shed, a little place to make their make believe games come alive.

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