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5 Reasons why kids should play golf: an afternoon of Golf with Online Golf #OGGetKidsIntoGolf

Online Golf

We were invited for a golf lesson with Online Golf, Josh and Kate were really excited. Living near a golf course, they have often asked questions as we pass by about how to play the game.

We were warmly welcomed on our arrival and split up into groups to try different aspects of the game. Josh and Kate were happy to be in the putting area first.

My brother will be happy to hear that before they started they were given some safety guidelines to follow. My brother and I were putting when we were about 5 and 7 years old and I took a swing at the ball instead of a putt and hit my brother in the forehead! He had to have several stitches and still has the scar, whoops!

Golf Lesson

Online Golf

Josh really got into the swing of things(no pun intended). Kate amazed me by her dedication to get it right; I didn’t think she had that sort of perseverance in her.

Top 5 reasons kids should play golf

5 reasons your kids should play golf

I have fond memories of playing “putt a cup” with my brother, we used to set up courses around the house with a plastic cup on its side and obstacles made from various toys, blankets and building blocks. Perhaps Josh will get a putter for his birthday and we can recreate the memories.

Josh had his eye on these Golphin clubs, the set comes complete with a driver, 7 iron, sand wedge, putter and a stand bag.

Golphin clubs

Thanks to Online Golf for introducing Josh and Kate to a new sport. I’m quite sure they will be spending several summer days putting around the garden.

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