Hocus Pocus – Halloween fun with Num Noms

Num Noms

Ever since we were invited to the Bella Italia Num Nom party. Kate and Josh have been Num Nom crazy!

In case you haven’t seen them before, Num Noms are delicious smelling, collectible characters, each character is based a food dish(sweet and savoury options available).

The idea is that you take a container, add a Nom(a motorised character that scuttles about) then stack up with Nums(the delicious smelling characters). They are all different flavours, so its interesting to see how they combine, there are 5,000

The Num Noms starter pack consists of the collectors menu, a bowl, spoon, 1 motorised Nom and 3 Freezie Pop Nums. The bigger Deluxe pack consists of the collectors menu, a bowl, spoon, 2 motorised Nums and 6 Freezie Pop Nums.

We were sent some Num Noms to review and really got into the Halloween spirit.

First we opened the Num Noms Freezie Pop start pack.

Num Nom Freezie Pop Starter pack

And then the Num Noms Deluxe pack.

Num Noms Deluxe Pack Series 2

After smelling all the new flavours we put them in the cauldron and Kate gave them a good stir. Kate pretended to be a friendly witch making, delightful potions and spells.

Num Noms

To finish off we had a Num Nom stacking challenge. Kate turned me into a frog as I wasn’t very good at Num Nom stacking apparently!

Num Noms

We love creating role play situations with the Num Noms, previously we set up a Num Noms Cafe, Kate loves pretending to be a waitress and taking orders for Num Nom towers.

There are so many to collect, Kate and I went onto the Num Noms website and took stock of her collection, it was a nice learning experience as we compared each one and counted up how many she has.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Num Noms to review but all views are our own.

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