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How Being a Parent Changes When Your Child Leaves for University

When your teenager is going through the life changes that come with leaving home and heading off to university, it’s often easy to overlook the impact it has on their parents. If you’re a parent going through something similar or you will be soon, it’s probably on your mind. Things will change for you as a parent and it’s worth thinking about how you’ll experience that, and that includes both the positive and the negatives. Find out more below.

The Home Suddenly Feels a Little Quieter

One thing that you will definitely notice when your child flies the nest is that your home suddenly feels a lot quieter and for some people, that can be a challenge. It’s difficult not having your children around when they’ve always been there. There’s fewer people in the home, but you should make the most of the chance to do things that you couldn’t before when the children were around.

The Financial Burden Probably Won’t be Lifted Though

Being a parent is always a financial burden, even if it’s a burden most parents are more than happy to bear. There are so many things you’ll still need to help with and pay for when your children are studying; after all, studying isn’t cheap these days. Things like trips for University students and the day to day costs of living can be expensive and your child will probably need a little support.

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You Might Worry a Little

You might worry a little about your child leaving home and suddenly becoming part of the big wide world. It’s not always easy to deal with and you might fret a little to begin with. But those feelings and worries will soon subside when you start to realise that this is an important step for them and one that they’ll benefit from hugely.

There’ll be Ups and Downs So You’ll Need to be There

There are going to be positive times and less positive times as they go through their education and as you adjust to your new life as a parent without your child living at home. You just need to take the rough with the smooth, be for them when they need you and make the most of the extra time and space you have to yourself.

You’ll Have a Little More Time for Yourself

That time to yourself is not to be squandered. So many people start living life differently, doing new things and picking up old hobbies and interests when their kids leave home. Be sure to make the most of all of this and don’t linger on the sadness you feel too much.

As a parent, things definitely do change a lot when you have a child who grows up and heads off to university, there’s no doubt about that. However, it’s not something to be daunted by or to worry about; it’s a new chapter in the life of your family and they’ll grow as a person on this journey.

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