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How Can We Help Our Child When They’re Struggling With One Subject?


Sometimes our children need more confidence in more ways than one and in a school environment, this is greatly magnified if they’re not doing great in one subject. And if your child is looking to get better at certain subjects or they don’t appear to have a natural affinity with a subject like Geography or English, there are different ways you can help them here. Here are some steps you can take.

Different Approaches to the Subject

This is something that we can all do for our children and is something many schools tend to do to offer different ways to learn. For example, in a subject like English, they will go and see a show in the theatre. In a subject like Geography, you tend to find many Geography field trips to foster a better interaction with the subject. When there are different approaches to a subject, especially when it comes to field trips, it might switch on something in your child’s brain. This might actually highlight what type of learner they are. Because if the schools only offer limited learning resources or are only teaching one approach to a subject, for example, reading and learning by rote rather than more interactive methods of learning, this could highlight what type of learner your child is.

Additional Homework

If your child has a specific fear of a subject, giving your child the encouragement to keep working on it is crucial. They may not necessarily like the idea of practising outside of school, but if they really are struggling with a subject, it’s important to find the best method that your child will use to retain information. Sometimes, it can be about how the teacher is communicating the subject and not how your child is able to retain information. It can help to get in contact with a teacher to find different approaches to the subject. But additional homework exercises may prove essential because it gives them more confidence in the long term. Homework doesn’t have to be about sitting down and revising but it can be about learning subjects in different ways

Rewarding Their Motivation

If your child is not particularly gifted in a specific subject, is it because they’re not applying themselves? If you are concerned in this respect, think about what you can do to help your child get their motivation in place. When your child’s grades start to improve, you can reward them with something that they’ve wanted for a long time. It’s something that works a lot with children, but it’s important to be aware that if your child becomes wise to the fact that they are not necessarily being rewarded for something that deserves their motivation, they could start to slack off again. This is why the reward has to be something they really want and have wanted for so long.

It’s certainly not easy, and as you start to get your children ready to go back to school after the summer holidays, you must consider the environment your child is also venturing into. It’s not always easy because they may struggle with a specific subject, but this is where a combination of methods could be beneficial.

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