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How to Keep Your Dog Happy

Like any other family member, you want to make sure your dog is healthy and happy. To do this, you need to make sure all their basic needs are covered, that is healthy food, lots of exercises, a good dog home, and plenty of attention. Much like humans, dogs have complex mental and emotional lives; they need to be stimulated and exercised regularly to stay healthy and happy. Read on to find out how. 

Engage Your Dog’s Mind 

Dogs are bred for different purposes. Some are bred for hunting, others for searching, others for herding or companionship. Whatever your dog’s purpose is it will have been bred with certain instincts if these instincts are not sufficiently satisfied, your dog can become unhappy and destructive. When you aren’t around remember to leave plenty of relevant toys and playthings for your dog. If your dog is particularly smart, you might need a puzzle or a mat for searching for treats in. 

Socialise Your Dog 

Like humans, dogs have several personality types; some are introverted, some are extroverted, some are in between. However, chances are your dog will be social in some form and need interaction with other dogs to stay healthy and happy. Assess your dog’s personality and organise walks to meet up with other dogs, it can be useful to meet up with the same dogs over and over; then they get to know each other. Invite friends over to your house alone or with their dogs to build familiarity. 

Give Your Pup a Home 

An outside kennel is an excellent way to give your dog its own space and territory. Aussie Kennels Dog Enclosures offer very sizable and well made outdoor kennels that are also easy to transport. The kennels are raised so that dangerous snakes and insects can’t reach your dog, and they are housed beneath a slightly raised corrugated roof that protects them from the weather. The kennels are also made from wood instead of metal for extra comfort for your dog. 

Build Your Pup’s Confidence 

You might not realise it, but your pup has mental health the same way humans do. They also have happy times, sad times, and times when they feel anxious or depressed. You can improve your dog’s mental health by praising them for small tasks and offering treats for performing a new trick. Your dog will feel a sense of satisfaction at having performed the trick and wag its tail. This positive reinforcement will raise your dog’s self-esteem and build their confidence. 

Maintain Good Health 

The main things for maintaining your dog’s health are diet and exercise, not too different from you. For food choose a brand that uses as much wholesome meat as possible and very little sugar, Lillie dog food is an excellent variety, it will give your dog a healthy shiny coat and white teeth. For exercise, you need to walk your dog once or twice a day depending on the breed; some breeds will even require more walking. Tired them out on the walk as much as possible using toys and balls. 


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