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How To Know Whether The Home You’ve Fallen In Love With Is A Good’un

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So, you’ve found a house you love. That’s great. But is it a keeper? That’s the big question. 

Great homes are few and far between. There’s always some cost or downside that you have to consider. Things might seem perfect on the outside, but there are usually hidden secrets lurking within. 

Fortunately, this post is here to help. We take a look at some of the ways you know that the house you’ve fallen in love with is a good’un. Check out our reasoning below.

There’s No Damp

It’s actually a legal requirement for homeowners to tell you whether there’s damp on their property. If they don’t tell you this but you move in afterwards, they may have to pay fines and compensation. 

To avoid this estate agents go out of their way to check for dampness beforehand. If there is an issue, they will usually say something like “problem property” to give you a heads-up. 

It’s Structurally Sound

Don’t fall in love with a house before you get the survey done. You want to make sure that there are no costly structural issues you’ll need to deal with the moment you move in. 

If areas of the house look like they are falling away from the rest of it, that’s a bad sign. Check for cracks that meander around wall corners and onto the ceiling. You want to avoid those if possible. 

It Has Enough Storage

New home designers, like Bellriver Homes, always make sure that their homes have enough storage for all the things homeowners need. But older houses don’t always consider this. Many were built in a simpler era when people had fewer possessions. 

Great homes, though, offer storage everywhere, from the bedrooms to the bathrooms. Furthermore, they build the functionality into the fabric of the home instead of getting you to add it on afterwards. 

It Has Great Windows

Wooden windows with cracking paint are a nightmare to maintain. Every year, you have to get on a step ladder and paint them yourself. It’s such a hassle. 

Good properties, though, are either recently painted or have windows made of reassuringly tough and reliable UPVC plastic. Double- and triple-glazing are the cherry on top. 

It Has A New Roof

Buyers are obsessed with roofs. And for good reason: those that are improperly maintained tend to fail pretty quickly as the property gets older. 

Good houses that are real keepers always have new roofs. If new, most will last about 20 years, but if the roof is already that old, it’ll need replacing. And that adds significantly to the cost of the property. 

The Power Units Are In Good Condition

It might not be the most interesting subject in the world, but you’ll want to make sure that the power units are also in good condition. Check the fuse box and get a surveyor report on the condition of the wiring. Most wires will last about forty years but, eventually, they too need replacing. Check the pipes, too. You don’t want lead.


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