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How to Maintain an Artificial Grass Lawn

How to Maintain an Artificial Grass Lawn

Although artificial grass lawns are a low maintenance substitute to natural grass, it is still vital to provide it some tender loving care every now and again to give it the longest life expectancy possible. There are a few tools that will be needed to keep your artificial lawn looking amazing such as a hard brush, a soft rake, a garden vacuum, leaf blower and some herbicide spray.

Brush regularly

The most regular maintenance type for your artificial lawn will be to clear any trash and brush it. It is advised that the lawn is brushed about once a week and you should brush against the pile. If waste such as leaves are left on the space for any period of time, it will start to make the perfect conditions of moss growth. So, it is vital to clear fallen leaves and other trash away as soon as possible while it is still easy to stop this type of occurrence.

Weed and moss problem

Weed seeds are dropped on the lawn from birds flying over on a daily basis. When the lawn is not maintained, you may begin to see some weeds starting to grow in the sand fill. Simply get rid of by hand. A leaf garden or blower vacuum is perfect to clear off any debris or leaves dropped from overhanging trees. It is also advised that a moss control product is used every year to stop the buildup of any moss.

Hose it down

If you have pets like dogs, it is vital to hose down the space every now and again. Dog mess can be simply cleaned away by hand from the artificial grass lawn. The turfs are spongy so the space will drain away any urine. Rain is the top cleaner for any artificial lawn so in the UK, you will only need to get the hose out occasionally. Water from the hose and rain water will drain the same way a true lawn would.

Cover it

Take defensive measures and think ahead if you are going to be painting your home, fence or shed. It is important to cover the lawn so no spills or drips accidentally gets into the lawn. You don’t want a multi-colored lawn, do you?

After reading these maintenance reminders for the artificial lawn, you might think it is a lot to do. Trust me, you’ll do and spend a lot less on an artificial lawn rather than a natural one. If still doubtful, you can give it a try on a small portion of your lawn and see the results by yourself.

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