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How To Make Your Garden More Useful & Beautiful

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During the winter period, it’s not hard to neglect our garden a little bit. The cold season prevents anything from growing too much, outside of the need to cut the grass semi-regularly. That said, it can sometimes be that after a while, we realize that our gardens are a little under-utilized. Perhaps climbing equipment and goal posts have been in place for years, even since your children have grown up. Perhaps you have much more space to play with, which if refined could increase the value of your home and also give you more hobbies to enjoy.

Simply making your garden more beautiful and a representation of your tastes can be worth the effort in itself. All in all, having a garden in the first place is quite a positive asset, so it’s worth making the most of it. Figuring out what to do first and how to get there, of course, can be a tougher ask. So – if you’re looking for inspiration, we think that making a garden more beautiful and useful via the following implements could be a wonderful idea:

A Water Feature

A beautiful water feature can center a garden perfectly, making it look and feel much more refined. Some people worry that a cultivated water feature can make a garden look over-designed, but there’s no reason why that has to be the case. Provided it’s subtle and fits with the space, a small fountain, pond with a small waterfall, or even a statue that spurts water into a basin and recycles that back again can be a lovely addition adding art and deliberate care to such a space, too.


A Staging Furniture Area

Having a lovely area to invite guests around and relax in the summertime can be wonderful for your health.  This might involve a few comforting chairs, a bench, the cushions that accompany it, a large table, a parasol, and perhaps a couple of loungers. This setup, perhaps surrounding a small bonfire area or chiminea could provide a wonderful setting for relaxing and enjoying wine into the early hours of the morning, laughing away and listening to calming music through and through. No matter your preference of design, a staging furniture area is sure to help.


A Small Chicken Coop

Chickens are fascinating little creatures, and bringing some laying hens into your garden can be a great method of becoming a little more self-sustainable. To prepare for them, of course, we need to make sure we buy appropriate feed, that we source them correctly, and that we give them shelter in a clean and comfortable chicken coop – as this protects them from the elements and from predators like foxes. Over time, you can grow to become quite fond of keeping chickens, as they’re generally harmless, predictable, and can provide you with fresh eggs each morning. For many, they’re another great excuse to get out into the garden once again.


With this advice, you’re certain to make your garden both more useful and beautiful.

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