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It’s a new year and most people are making radical new years resolutions they won’t keep. Instead we’ll be making some subtle changes as a family to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle.

We found we were producing an awful lot of waste, we started questioning the amount we were sending to landfill, and it played heavy on our minds. I came across an application to join an Ikea initiative called #LiveLagom. Lagom basically means “just the right amount”. This principle was exactly what we were looking for. We wanted to make changes to our daily lives that would make a difference but at the same time we wanted these changes to be things that were easy to maintain and do consistently.

We were invited to join the #LiveLagom project and soon found ourselves learning more about #LiveLagom and what changes we could incorporate into our daily lives.

We are very keen on introducing many aspects but thought it best to have one main focus at a time. Jordon from Ikea Manchester came to see us at home and we discussed the best ways we could achieve our goals. Over the next few weeks we came up with a shopping synthroid for sale no prescription list of how best to use the £500 voucher to make the biggest impact on our waste and energy usage.  We submitted our shopping list just before Christmas. Christmas was an eye opener, we had to make 2 trips to the tip as we had no space left in the bin, we did have a few guests staying with us over the festive season but this was still an unacceptable amount of waste and made it very clear we had chosen the right place to start our #LiveLagom journey.

A large percentage of the bin was being filled with disposable nappies, so that seems the obvious place to start, we are going to make the switch to reusable nappies hopefully on a full time basis if not at least part time. I will also be making enquires to the council and exploring local resources to find out about more recycling opportunities, we will be making subtle changes in our kitchen and the way we do things to hopefully increase our recycling and thus decreasing general waste.

We included a few items to help us reduce our gas and electricity usage in an effort to offset the additional energy we will be using for the washing machine.

Over the next few months I will be sharing all the changes we make along the way and how we are getting on with the project.

Ikea Hidden Gems catalogue #livelagom

Ikea Hidden Gems catalogue #livelagom

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