Kidloland App review

Kidloland App review #coldcuppaclub

Kidloland review #coldcuppaclub

Josh and Kate have always had access to a tablet.

Josh had started watching a lot of Youtube on the ipad and I wasn’t very keen on that as he would ask me to put something on for him and after a few minutes and a few taps he would be on something completely different. Whilst I did monitor what he was doing, often I was busy with something else, so he wasn’t being supervised constantly.

Kidloland #coldcuppaclubWe have downloaded many apps over the years and they seem to play them for a few days then get bored. I was a bit skeptical when Kidloland asked us to review the app, but I agreed as we had nothing to lose.

The app is aimed at 0-5 year olds. With nursey rhymes and songs for babies to more complex tasks and stories for older kids.

Kidloland offers over 575 nursery rhymes, songs, stories, games and activities.

What a fantastic app it is! Josh hardly asks for Youtube anymore, he much prefers Kidloland, there are so many things to do, he never gets bored.

We made use of the app quite frequently over the last few weeks of school holidays. Josh and Kate would sit happily and play for the app while I managed to do other things. I liked knowing that as long as they were in the app they wouldn’t see anything inappropriate, there is no advertising in the app which is a big plus point when it comes to children’s apps.

Kate is really enjoying the app as well, despite their age difference(2 and 4 years) they are both getting a lot from the app. I was particularly synthroid for sale online impressed one day when totally unprompted they each had a tablet and were doing the same activities at the same time. Josh was sat next to Kate talking her through. I was impressed by the way he communicated with her and also with the way she was able to follow his instructions.

Kidloland App review #coldcuppaclub

Kidloland App review #coldcuppaclub

The app covers a wide range of topics, dinosaurs, vehicles, animals, fruit and vegetables, colours and shapes, months and days. So much to learn!

The basic version is free but its well worth upgrading to the paid version as there is so much content.

Kate is a lot more steady with her hand eye coordination now and her movements seem a lot more calculated and thought out since she’s been using the app. Kates favourite activities are the puzzles like these:

Kidloland App review #coldcuppaclub

Kidloland App review #coldcuppaclub

She’s also partial to balloon popping,

Kidloland review #coldcuppaclub

and taxi washing:

Kidloland review #coldcuppaclub

I have enjoyed watching Kate getting faster at the games. When she first tried a few weeks ago she battled to match the pairs but now there’s no stopping her!

Kidloland App review #coldcuppaclub

Josh is currently enjoying the stories:

Kidloland App review #coldcuppaclub

I’m trying to encourage him to move onto bigger numbers now that he knows 1-10 but he is a bit reluctant to explore the bigger numbers by himself, hopefully soon he’ll move on to 11-20.

Kidloland review #Coldcuppaclub

Kidloland is one of the best apps we have tried, Kate and Josh have learnt so much already and have even taught me a few new nursery rhymes!

Kidloland is available from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store

Disclaimer: We were sent a subscription to Kidloland in exchange for this review, all opinions contained are my own. 

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