Our Bedtime Routine#BepanthenBedtimeChallenge


We’ve recently changed our routine a bit in the hope that Megan will start sleeping through the night.

Our bedtime routine always starts with a bath, for ease, all 3 kids are bathed at the same time, its one of their favourite times of the day, they love playing with the water, pouring and filling bottles and jugs. Sometimes we even put the bubble machine on. I find it easiest to get them to brush their teeth while they in the bath otherwise they tend to go wandering off.


Afterwards its cuddle up in a fluffy warm towel and get pyjamas on.


Kates still in nappies, despite our efforts, we thought we would get it right over the summer, but she’s just not interested. We use¬†Bepanthen on both girls after the bath, this challenge was the first time we’ve actually tried Bepanthen and I was pleasantly surprised. What it does is moisturises and makes a protective film over the skin. Its only on a very rare occastion that we change nappies in the night, so both girls have nappies on for nearly 12 hours. Since using Bepanthen neither of them have had any redness or nappy rash. As Megan is prone to eczema breakouts I was cautious using it on her, but it hasn’t affected her skin in any way. I have since read up some more on Bepanthen and this beauty blogger swears by it as an eye cream, I’m going to try it tonight.


After getting dressed we usually sit in Kates room and read a story, the current favourite is Tallula Bears Bedtime Book. Its a lovely flowing book with calming poetic words, the illustrations are quite whimsical and relaxing.

Tallula Bear's Bedtime Book #coldcuppaclub

We then say goodnight to Kate and Josh, tuck them in and are more often than not reminded to “put my Iggle Piggle music on ppppllllllleeeeaaassee”.


Once Josh and Kate are tucked in, I go upstairs and attempt to get Megan to sleep, some nights its no problem, other nights daddy has to sing to her.

And you think that would be the end wouldn’t you? Well, its not, at this point Josh will call me for a “little chat” or perhaps a drink of water. Then Kate will hear Joshs’ request and mirror the request. For a few minutes I ping pong between the rooms giving reassurance that there are no monsters hiding downstairs or under beds or in wardrobes. I fix blankets again and say good night again. They usually very good after that falling asleep at about 20:00 and waking again at 06:30 on weekends and having a lie in on weekdays when I need to get them up for school!

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