Outside The School Gates: Taking Learning Out Of The Classroom


At the time of writing, summer is in full swing, and your kids are probably missing school already! Well, maybe not, and they do deserve a break after all. However, responsible parents should always be on the lookout for learning opportunities for their children, so while they aren’t in the classroom, you can still add to their education.

Of course, your kids won’t appreciate it if you sit them down with a text book and pen. There are other ways to teach your children before they go back to school, and they might not even realise you are doing it. Follow our handy guide to find out more.

Visit new places

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Education is all about broadening children’s minds, so give them new experiences by visiting somewhere new. For example, your children will probably learn about castles in the classroom, so nurture their imaginations and take them to an actual castle, or the ruins of one at least. Alternatively, visit a historic city. This Lancashire founded educational company offers

day trips to London for school groups, so have a look at the learning opportunities found on their website.

Wherever you go, engage your children with questions, and point out places of significance. The UK is full of interesting places to visit, and chances are there will be somewhere fascinating near you.

Learn through play

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Kids love to play, and it is one of the ways young children learn. They begin to understand the world around them and learn about their abilities. Learning should always be fun, and when it’s not, kids will quickly turn off and find something more interesting to do. So provide your children with fun play activities, whether you are indoors or out.

For starters, play dress-up and role play scenes with your kids. This will fuel their imagination and creativity. Playing ball games will improve their coordination skills and keep them active at the same time. Then there are the quieter activities, such as play dough modeling or doing jigsaws. Your kids will learn new skills and have fun in the process.

Lead by example

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You are your child’s greatest teacher, and what you do and say is going to have a great influence on them.

To begin with, don’t be one of these parents who have the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ mentality. Practice what you preach; otherwise, your kids will feel confused and insecure. Whatever you do, be mindful of your children. Show personal responsibility by brushing your teeth, and throwing away your litter. Be polite and respectful to all, being sure to remember to say ‘please and thank you’ when out in the world. Show compassion to those in need, whether face to face or in commenting on world issues. Your children are always watching you, and your good habits and positive values will rub off on them.

Final Word

By following the advice above, you are giving your children the tools to survive in and out of the classroom. Spend time with them, and enjoy the experiences you have together.




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