Paddington Sightseeing Adventures – review

Paddington Sightseeing Adventure

Josh has become very interested in learning about cities lately. He loves discussing how different each city is, we have been researching landmarks. So I knew he would love Paddington Sightseeing Adventure from University Games.

Paddington Sightseeing Adventure

Its a game for 4 players. The box says age 6+ but Kate(age 4) enjoyed the game with a little help.

Each player chooses a Paddington Game piece.

Paddington Sightseeing Adventure

The youngest player throws the dice first. This starts the game, everyone rushes around trying to get at least 4 selfies of Paddington and a London landmark for their scrapbook.

Paddington Sightseeing Adventure

Be careful some of the places on the board say “miss a turn”(these didn’t go down too well with Kate!)

Paddington Sightseeing Adventure

If you are really lucky, you will land on a Marmalade mystery space and get to draw a card(Kate really enjoyed her extra turn!)

After collecting at least 4 selfies its time to get home, first one home(with 4 selfies) wins the game.

I found it quite interesting how each child had a different strategy for the game. Joshua was very focused on collecting his selfies before rushing off home. Whereas Kate was keen to skip the first 2 landmarks and rush ahead putting some distance between us.

Joshua won the first game and has been challenged by Kate to a rematch this evening.

All of the game pieces are made with really sturdy board. I was a little concerned before I opened the box as Megan loves to sit and watch(well, for a couple of minutes) and she has a habit of bending pieces and tearing them. These are very well made and I didn’t hesitate in letting her have a look.

Paddington Sightseeing Adventure

The game isn’t difficult to play and I can picture Josh and Kate being able to play it themselves, especially with winter coming up. I am so excited at the thought of game days this winter.

I think Paddington Sightseeing Adventure would be a lovely game to include in a Christmas eve box. Last year I put a DVD in the box but I think a game would be far better.


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