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At this time of year we all tend to sit down and think about the future, planning what our 2019 will bring. Some will be making goals to get fit or lose weight, some will pursue a new hobby. My goal for 2019 is to become money related, I want to be in a better financial position so that we can be in a position to buy our first home soon.

The first step on my money journey is going to be building a pot of money(in a separate savings account) for emergencies and unexpected expenses.

1. Coins

Scour the house for coins. Check coat pockets, handbags, under the sofa cushions. Deposit the money into your bank account(don’t use the machines at the supermarket, last time I checked they took 10% off for their service!

2. Ebay / Facebook marketplace

This is a double benefit, declutter and make money at the same time. Also helpful to get rid of those dodgy Christmas presents, secret Santas and odd tombola prizes. I use local Facebook groups to sell bigger, collection only items. For smaller items I prefer to use ebay, usually I wait for an Ebay promotion before I list so that I can pay less fees.

3. Sign up to cashback websites

This is a really easy way to bring in some money on things you would normally have purchased anyway. My favourite site is Topcashback(if you sign up before 21 January 2019, you’ll get a £5 bonus) another cashback site I often use is Quidco. 

4. Survey sites

Surveys aren’t for everyone, they can be very boring, but they aren’t difficult to do. Some sites are better than others. One of my fastest earners it Prolific Academic, but you do need to be fast as the surveys aren’t available for long. I have a love/hate relationship with Swagbucks, its great for earning Amazon vouchers but some days its hard to reach their goals(a helpful list of Swagbucks searches that might gain you some points)

5. Spend less on entertainment

Taking the kids on days out can be very expensive, so look out for offers on tickets, explore your local area, make use of all the free parks and open spaces that are nearby, perfect for picnics. We love playing board games as a family, the kids learn to take turns, we spend time together and make memories.

If you do have a money emergency before you have saved enough money in your Rainy-Day fund you could consider a loan from


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