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Reasons To Consider Keeping Chickens as Pets

Of all the pet choices that you have, chickens are probably not very high on your list. They’re not exactly in demand, you can’t really play around with them like dogs and cats, and you’ll need to build some kind of space for your chickens to roam around in. It’s a little more work than some pets, but people often find that chickens can be just as entertaining and even offer a bit of value back thanks to their eggs. So if you’re looking for a unique pet option, why not consider chickens?

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Chickens are surprisingly inexpensive to keep

One of the great things about chickens is that they’re not very expensive to keep around. There are plenty of businesses such as Copdock Mill, trade suppliers of chicken feed, that can help you get all of the supplies that you need to take care of chickens. In addition, chickens actually provide some value themselves because of the eggs that they lay. You can save a fair amount of money by harvesting their eggs which are far higher in Omega-3 acids and Vitamin E. They’re also much lower in cholesterol than eggs from a store and you’ll probably never need to buy supermarket eggs again if you have enough chickens.

So the combination of chickens being surprisingly cheap to keep and providing positive value through the eggs they lay is a great argument for them being an inexpensive pet to keep.

Chickens don’t need as much space as you think

People often assume that you need a crazy amount of space in order to look after chickens. They think that you need to have a large chicken coop and that you need to give them a large field to roam around in. But the reality is much different. Just a fairly small coop in your backyard with a roof is more than enough for your chickens to call their home. In fact, chickens have no problem living in smaller spaces, especially certain breeds that have been adapted to it.

Building a chicken coop also isn’t very expensive or time-consuming, especially if you’ve got some DIY skills and the tools to make something. You could save a considerable amount of money just building a small coop in your backyard instead of buying something pre-made or asking a contractor to build you something large. Just remember that things do change if you decide to get a couple more chickens. But as long as you keep their numbers fairly low, you should have no trouble keeping them in your backyard.

While owning a dog or cat is considered a lot more “normal” for people, don’t hesitate to try something different such as chickens. If you have the space and are up for something new, then keeping chickens can offer a surprising number of benefits and can be just as fun for you as the owner. It’s rewarding, the whole family can get involved, and it’s fairly relaxing compared to some other pet choices.

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