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Six Skills Your Kids Need To Learn Before Adulthood

Parents have their work cut out for them when it comes to their children. They have to teach them to walk, talk, eat, sleep, and play. They teach them to swim and cook a healthy meal, do their own laundry, and – one day – balance a budget. Children all learn at different paces, but they all must learn specific lessons before they grow to adulthood.

There are skills that children need to learn so that they can grow into healthy and whole adults. You don’t want to find yourself with a child heading for college who doesn’t know how to do their own laundry, or ride a bicycle! So, from Googling a swim school near me to teaching the kids how to cook basic meals, you need to know which skills your kid should know before they get to college age. Let’s take a closer look at six different skills they need.

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  • The Skill of: Sleep

Children of all ages need to learn how to sleep. No baby learns how to “self-soothe” when they’re young: they simply learn a parent isn’t coming to meet their needs. As that baby gets a little older, a sleep routine is easier to implement, and you can teach your child how to wind down to bed after a story and a warm bath.

  • The Skill of: Swimming

Every child needs to learn how to swim. Children don’t always enjoy the water at a young age, but as they get older, their confidence needs to grow. Swimming lessons are a must if you want your child to be able to go to the beach with their friends. It would help if you taught them ocean safety as much as swimming pool safety, too.

  • The Skill of: Cooking

You can start children on learning to cook before the age of three. Small things like cakes and oat cookies and grow to basic meals by age 7. Children should learn very young how to cook, as this is one life school they can carry to college and beyond.

  • The Skill of: Cycling

Riding a bike may not sound like a must, but it helps children to learn to balance and learn coordination skills. You don’t have to worry about your child getting from A to B if they know how to cycle. They may never learn how to drive by choice, but cycling is going to offer them so many other skills than just being on a bike!

  • The Skill of: Money Management

If you choose to give your children pocket money, you can teach them how to manage it. You can get your children to portion their money for savings and spends. If they learn how to manage their pocket money, they’ll learn how to balance their paycheck, too.

  • The Skill of: Laundry

Lastly, children need to learn how to do their own washing. From ironing to drying, your kids need to be up to speed on how to do their own laundry. It’s essential so that you can give your children a great start in adulthood.

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