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Some Indications Your Dog Needs Professional Training

Investing in dog training does not mean that you are a bad pet owner. Just like taking your child to see a therapist does not mean you are a bad parent. Sometimes those that we love have different issues that we are not able to help with or fully understand. When these situations arise, there are professionals that can help us through it. With that being said, in this post, we are going to take a look at some of the signs and indications that your dog would benefit from the services of a professional trainer.

Your dog has been rescued from a living situation that was traumatic 

Adopting a rescue dog is a beautiful thing to do. There are a lot of dogs out there that have had traumatic experiences and need a new home. However, rescue pets are not without their challenges. These dogs might have significant issues in terms of their behaviour because they have been in a shelter environment for an extensive period of time or they have experienced abuse in their history.

The sheer stress that comes with these sorts of problems can create issues when the dog moves into a new home. It is not as simple as moving into a new environment and being happier. It can be challenging because the dog can feel nervous and worried. This is where dog training can help, and this link has more information for you.

Your dog has food aggression tendencies

Food aggression is a type of resource guarding, and it is something that a lot of dogs do. After all, when animals are in the wild, they need to protect what is theirs. Of course, the difference here is that they are not in the wild and you are certainly not going to take their food. 

When a dog displaces food aggression within the home, it is often because they feel insecure. This can result in inadvertent biting and nipping, and so it is important to get a professional trainer involved so that it does not develop into anything worse.

Your dog does not know the basic commands

Aside from the signs that have been mentioned so far, if your dog does not know basic commands, it is a good idea to get a trainer involved. The sooner your dog starts to learn these commands, the easier that it is going to be. After six months, it is going to take more patience and more time for your dog to learn commands to the point whereby they stick, and this is why investing in professional training comes recommended.

When it comes to these sorts of problems, group obedience training can be highly beneficial if you have a dog that is too excitable and doesn’t seem to pay attention enough to follow a command! When this happens, you can feel at a loss. This is where professional training will come in. 

Your dog barks excessively

In addition to the points that we have discussed, if you have a dog that barks a lot it can be very frustrating. Some dogs tend to bark whenever someone knocks on the door, and there are then those that appear to be barking at nothing at all. 

When this happens, your feelings and your dog’s feelings are clearly very different. It’s because we have different ideas of urgency. While someone knocking on the door may not impact you, your dog sees it as an emergency, resulting in him barking. The trouble is that you cannot simply explain this to your dog!

There are some owners that have resorted to muzzling or shock collars, but we certainly do not recommend this. These options will only cover up the issue, rather than getting to the bottom of it.

With a professional trainer, your dog will learn about responding to commands such as ‘calm’ or ‘quiet’ and this can make a massive difference. You may even be able to teach your dog when they should bark and when it is not okay to bark.

After all, it is in a dog’s nature to bark, so we cannot expect to eradicate barks fully. Nevertheless, it is about controlling when dogs bark. 

Your dog suffers from bad separation anxiety

Does your dog struggle to be on his own? Does he become destructive, upset, or agitated when left alone, even if it is only for a small amount of time? When this happens, it indicates that your dog is experiencing a condition that is known as separation anxiety. For some dogs, they simply feel lonely, and it is more common in certain breeds.

No matter why your dog feels this way, it comes down to one thing: your dog is not able to self-soothe when left by himself. He does not have the confidence to do so. With a dog trainer by your side, you can help your dog to get the confidence that is required to help them lower their feelings of anxiety. 

Your dog is unfriendly to people

The final sign that you should consider getting a professional trainer in for your dog is if he is very unfriendly toward people. If your dog tries to attack anyone that comes to your home, this is definitely a sign that action needs to be taken. The same applies if your dog tears the house down whenever someone new arrives. 

The benefit of getting a professional trainer in to help your dog is that they will teach you about reading your dog’s body language. You will learn to look out for any situations whereby your dog is distracted, exhausted, anxious, or stressed, and this can help you to look out for potentially stressful problems before they fully manifest.

If you have noticed any of the signs or symptoms that have been mentioned above, there is no need to panic, but it is wise to look for a professional trainer who can help your dog to learn the behaviours that are needed for a happier life for you all. 

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