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The Importance Of Getting Insurance For Families

Insurance is a big protective layer of security for a family, yet not all families think to get it. There’s so much that can go wrong in day-to-day life. From a car crash that causes chaos for the family commute to boiler breakdowns in the middle of winter.

There are many benefits to getting insurance and if anything within the family home is currently uninsured, here’s why it’s important to do so now.

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How many families have insurance coverage?

ABI’s Home Insurance Premium Tracker which started tracking data back in 2012, found that the average household will currently spend around £2.40 a week on insurance. Yet despite this low cost, one in four UK households have no insurance to cover their belongings.

Not having insurance is a little bit like playing with fire. Eventually, the family is likely to get burnt from the fallout of having no insurance. 

Why is it important to have insurance? Surely, it’s possible to go through life without needing it? Whilst some people might get lucky to never need it, there are many that will need to claim on it at some point in their lifetime.

The future is unexpected

Let’s be honest, no one can predict the future. It’s not guaranteed that the new car that was purchased last year is going to go without a scrape or crash within its lifetime.

No one knows what is going to happen tomorrow, let alone six months or five years from now. Insurance, although hopefully never needed, is something that can plan for the unexpected. So, should it happen, the family is protected.

Insurance can help soften a financial blow

By having insurance, it can help to soften what can be a financial blow to the family. Replacing a boiler, for example, can be costly. It’s something that can be thousands of pounds but with home insurance, it can be covered depending on the policies you hold. It’s why any item or belonging that can be insured or put on the insurance, should be covered as such.

It protects a lot of sentimental and valuable belongings

There are a lot of belongings that hold sentimental value. It’s important that whilst its value cannot be defined when it’s sentimental, protecting it anyway with insurance can be of great comfort.

With some valuable belongings, like the health of family members and pets, insurance is key. Cat insurance, for example, can help provide feline family members with healthcare if and when needed.

Provides peace of mind

When it comes to getting insurance, peace of mind is probably the biggest benefit one could have. Knowing that the family in every aspect is covered in the eventuality that something goes wrong is priceless and worth the money spent on insurance.

Consider purchasing insurance for the family this year

If insurance hasn’t been thought about or it’s something that is just considered as an additional expense, consider a worst-case scenario and the financial impact it could have. Unless, the money is available to protect the family from anything in life, get insurance today. 


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