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The Truth Of Travelling While Owning A Cat

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to travel, it can be easy to find several excuses not to go. Amongst those of us who own a cat, a genuine concern for the fluffy feline’s well-being can often be a stumbling block that prevents us from taking the trips that we want. However, the truth is that there are solutions to consider. You simply have to be a little more flexible. Here is the truth of travelling while owning a cat.

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Can you take your cat with you?

This might be your first consideration but it’s important to understand that it is the rare cat that is happy to travel with its owner. Most cats do find travel to be a little too stressful. However, those who are very curious or outgoing might be able to handle it quite well. If you’re travelling out of the country, you should check to make sure that you have a cat passport and also prepare your cat with any necessary vet checks and immunities against parasites in the destination. You are also going to need to look a little harder to find pet-friendly accommodation. Accessories to help make transporting your cat easier should be considered too, from a solid carrier with enough space for them to stand and turn around in, to a leash and harness.


Finding a place for them to stay

The most common solution that most people are going to take is to find a place where they can leave their cat in the care of professionals. Some cats can have a little difficulty spending a lot of time outside of the home environment, but a good cat hotel will work to make sure that they are comfortable, not to mention getting attention and care that their needs are being met. Cat hotels also typically make it easy for you to check in on your cat and some even provide a webcam so that you can take a look at them in real time to make sure they’re doing fine.


Getting someone to cat sit

The other option (aside from leaving the cat alone, which is not viable) is to get someone to cat sit for you. There are professional cat sitters you may be able to hire, but this means trusting a relative stranger with a key to your home, so that’s not an option many people are willing to consider. Most of the time, this means turning to the people that you know in your personal life. Choosing a trustworthy cat sitter can be difficult, you need to make sure they understand the needs of your cat, how to care for them, and can be relied upon, but it can be a cheaper option than the alternative if it’s available for you.


Of course, the correct solution is going to depend on a few things: where you’re going, how much control you have over the trip, the temperament of the cat, and your own comfort levels with each of the solutions. However, what’s important is that there are options to consider.

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