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Tips and Tricks on How to Save Money for Mums!


Tips and Trick on How to Save Money for Mums!

Rising costs of bringing up a child until they can start helping the family’s finances, are continuously putting mums under pressure. They have to think about ways to make extra money or ways to cut off expenses so they can make meet ends. Here are our top 10 tips on how to become a super saving money mum!

1. Plan your supermarket shop

You are probably wasting a lot of money in food just because you are not doing it right. Buying your groceries casually, without prior planning may result ineffective because you will have all sort of stuff in your kitchen, including stuff you will not be able to cook or eat within the next few days and probably too much of everything. Food may go bad and it will be a waste. So, before going to the supermarket, prepare a list of all the things you need by planning your meals ahead. Cooking at home is healthy and fun and you may find all kind of recipes out there.

Also, buying in bulks of whatever you find in promo prices will help your monthly budget. It may seem like you are taking out a lot of cash in once, but if you do this for products you already use frequently, it will be like an investment. 

2. Sell what you no longer need

Children grow up quickly and you find your house (and their rooms) full of clothes or toys that can no longer use. You can gather all of them together and be generous by gifting them to any other mom or relative that has younger children compared to yours. Or, you can try and be effective by selling them on eBay or other “cash for clothes” store you may find close to home.

3. Use those vouchers

It is amazing hoe you can find vouchers about every little thing nowadays, from services like manicure to products like furniture – you can check over here to see just where there are deals to be had! . Do not ignore this important way of saving some money. Take a look at JustFreeStuff ( it always updates with the latest vouchers and coupons.


4. Start a babysitting club

Having a new baby (or even toddlers) becomes frustrating sometimes because you feel like you can never leave your house for some time alone or to just socialize. You love your kids but you also love to meet your lady friends once a week and have some laughter. The thing is that babysitting costs and you think that as long as you can do it yourself, you have to never hire someone, so you can save. Here’s a tip: call those other moms that feel the same way and start your own babysitting club. You could take turns on babysitting babies so every parent in the club can enjoy some time out without having to pay extra cash.

You can also save by being more careful on your daily activities like having a shower instead of a bath, cooking lots of the same meal and saving the extra quantity in the freezer, using the lid while trying to put some liquid to boiling etc.


5. Get what you’re entitled to 

You need to be aware of what you are actually entitled to benefit as financial support from the government like child tax credit or other benefits. You need to use them all and never miss any. 


7. Reduce expenses of club fees

Children love to try and do anything from taking art lessons to go to summer camps. The thing is, it might come with some expanses, as parents need to pay the club’s fees. If you try to look out for those almost free clubs, like for example Tesco’s ones, you will be happy watching your child have some good time and not spending about it.


8. Switch to shopping online

You my have never thought about it, but shopping online is not only more comfortable as you can do it from your couch, but it is also cheaper. First you save from not taking the car to drive to and back from the supermarket. Second, they keep doing hotter deals online rather than in stores. At the end, walking through the shelves of the supermarket might lead to a dangerous behavior, like buying anything that looks nice or delicious. 

So, if you are willing to commit to make some changes and take some small steps into a money saving situation, you can really make it.


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