Welcoming Baby Annabell – review

Baby Annabell #coldcuppaclub

Welcoming Baby Annabell

Last weekend we welcomed Baby Annabell to the family. Weighing in at 2lbs 2oz and 43cm long and with lots of realistic baby sounds and functions. She’s already a firm favourite and has become a treasured toy, I’m sure Baby Annabell will be making her way onto many Christmas wishlists this year.

Its quite unbelievable how realistic she is. See for yourself:

She sucks her dummy(her mouth moves while she sucks, very cute)

Giggles and coos if you stroke her cheek

Sucks her bottle (she doesn’t really suck, you need to squeeze the bottle to get the water in her)

She synthroid online prescription cries, tears and all

After her bottle she needs burping

She snores as she drifts off to sleep.

And if that wasn’t enough she wets as well! She has a little button on her tummy that when pressed releases water. Just remember to have the potty handy!

Baby Annabell #coldcuppaclub
She comes complete with bib, dummy, nappy, bottle and cute lamb shaped pendant with Baby Annabells photo on the reverse.

Baby Annabell #coldcuppaclub

Baby Annabell #coldcuppaclub

Disclaimer: we were sent a Baby Annabell for the purpose of this review, all views and opinions are my own.

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