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What To Do When Your Dog Won’t Sleep

If you’re struggling to get your dog to sleep, there could be a few different things at play. For puppies, it could be a case of separation anxiety, and persistence is key. However, it can be a bit trickier to work out what is going on with older dogs. Here are a few pointers that could enlighten you and help you to ensure your dog is getting the sleep they need (and that you’re getting the sleep you need!). 

They’re Not Getting Enough Stimulation 

Be honest: is your dog getting enough stimulation? In an ideal world, people would do thorough research on each dog breed before they went out and bought one. Many people buy a dog because they think it’s cute, without really knowing how much exercise they’re going to need and if they’re going to suit their lifestyles. A dog that suits your lifestyle is going to mean a happier family unit. 

Make sure your dog is getting plenty of walks, and that you’re playing with them at home, too. Stimulation can be teaching them tricks and having fun with them that way, too. Training them can be a big help! 



Make Sure They’ve Been To The Toilet 

Your dog should go to the toilet before you head up to bed to make sure that their full bladder isn’t keeping them up – and to make sure you’re not going to wake up to an accident. Your dog won’t always be able to help the odd accident, but you can reduce them by making sure you let them out before bed. 


Make Sure You Have A Regular Routine 

A regular routine will be helpful for your dog, as they’ll understand when it’s time to sleep. Try to go to bed at the same time and signal to them it’s time for bed at the same time. Feed them at the same times, and keep things similar in the evening. 

Give Them Treats To Calm Them 

There are some great treats that can help to calm your dog, such as the Pet-Ness treats. Your dog gets a nice treat, and the ingredients work to relax your dog and reduce their anxiety. It can also be great for things like joint pain. 

Make Sure Their Sleep Space is Comfortable and Feels Safe

Create a comfortable, safe sleep space for your dog. Invest in a good bed for them, and consider putting something that smells like you in their bed, too. This can comfort them and stop them from worrying about being away from you. Smell can be very comforting to dogs. 

Rule Out Medical Problems 

If you still struggle to get your dog to sleep, rule out any medical issues. There are a number of conditions that could stop them from sleeping, so don’t hesitate to take them to a reputable vet for a checkup. You know your dog best, and if they used to sleep well but this has changed, it could be an indicator that something else is going on. 

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