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Why Prioritizing Your Self Care Is Good For Your Kids Too

Do you always put your kids first? Life as a parent means that you do often put your children’s needs before your own. But the more you neglect your own health, the greater the chances you’re actually impacting your kids’ happiness too. Here’s why prioritizing your own self care is actually directly beneficial for your children.

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Neglecting Your Health Can Have Long Term Consequences

Do you have a constant toothache that you’re putting off booking that appointment for? Too busy with after school activities, or looking after your kids? Stop neglecting your health and book an appointment with a local emergency dentist to take care of your urgent dental needs. Neglecting your medical needs over time can lead to long term implications for your health. Ultimately, if you suddenly find yourself needing to take time off work due to poor health, you might find that your kids are affected as well. If you are concerned about your health, visit a healthcare professional as early as possible to ensure it does not impact you or your family in the long term.


A Relaxed Parent Is A Happy One

We are not machines. With no downtime, anyone can become irritable and unable to function. Prioritizing self care can help you with your mental wellbeing and aid relaxation. Recent studies suggest that as many as 5 out of 11 parents experienced high levels of emotional distress during the pandemic. With parents and children permanently in the house with no space, it was extremely hard to make time for ourselves. Happier parents are better equipped to make the most out of the time with their kids. Spend five minutes each day in a quiet place – it might be the bathroom if you’re in a full house. Anything to give you some vital space to help with your relaxation and happiness.


Set Good Examples For Your Kids

Hard work is an essential skill, and a great one to pass on to your children. But burnout is not something you necessarily want to teach your children to do. Try to set yourself realistic breaks in the day to do something you enjoy – whether that’s going for a walk, having a proper coffee or lunch break while working, or having a chat with a friend. If your kids see you taking care of yourself, you’re more likely to impart the same skill set onto your children. Teaching your kids how to look after themselves can help them become more resilient and self-reliant in later life.


Self Care Is Good For Everyone

Your own self care can benefit everyone in the family. If you have a partner, they might benefit from having you firing on all cylinders during the day. Your kids will have a healthier, happier parent to play and spend time with. You’re setting your children a great example, and also looking after yourself in the process. Spending a few minutes a day taking care of you is a necessity for both yourself and your family wellbeing.

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