Live Lagom – Halfway point

So far it’s been a great experience living the Lagom life, we have made subtle changes over the past 4 months that have made quite an impact.

When we first started the project, one of our biggest concerns was the amount of waste we were producing. We have made a lot of headway in this area. Previously we were having to take the odd bag to the tip before collection day(and very embarrassingly, 2 bags over Christmas!). We had quite a bit of snow a few weeks ago and our waste collection was disrupted, our bin was emptied a week later than usual and amazingly we did not have to make a trip to the tip.

12980502_10153433933815841_205212593_nWe cut down on a lot of disposable nappies by using reusable nappies as often as possible when we are at home. We are still working out the best way to use them at night and when we are out and about.





12980843_10153433911075841_393215344_oWe are a lot more vigilant with our recycling and have had to request an additional recycling bin from the  council. I also requested some recycling information from the council and was surprised to see that they recycle a lot more than we thought they did.







12988158_10153433911655841_827513971_nJosh is loving his new lunch box, he loves the  compartments and how it keeps his lunch separated. He is still taking a small fromage frais with him everyday, which is a lot of waste for 2 or 3 spoonfuls, so definitely on the list of things to tackle next.





12966166_10153433968445841_24530284_nThe biggest difference has been the washing machine, it’s bigger and more economical than the previous one, we haven’t really noticed much change with water and electricity usage but we are doing more loads of washing now with the reusable nappies and having a new baby in the house. All in all I’m happy with that, as the changes we have made have balanced out all the extra washing. I’m looking forward to the summer with fewer clothes to wash and not so many order synthroid without rx blankets. Not to mention being able to dry the washing outside.


12992832_10153433973790841_1266693207_nThe Pluggis waste sorting bins have been great for sorting the recycling and Josh and Kate have started getting involved with the recycling which has been great to see. Unfortunately Vincent  we didn’t measure properly and they don’t fit under the sink where we originally planned for them to go, so at the moment they are stacked near the bin. Aesthetically not as pleasing, but I think it does increase our recycling as some paper labels that previously would’ve just gone in the bin are now being torn off and recycled. I am going to leave them there for the time being, until recycling as much as possible just becomes an ingrained habit.

12970166_10153433911570841_1689772746_oMegan loves snuggling up with the throw, its really soft and luxurious. I wish it was a little bigger though. We might have to get a few more for next winter so there aren’t any fights over the “fluffy” blanket.



12980850_10153433911330841_1343775774_oWe have got rid of the kettle and opted for a Breville Hot cup, it boils just enough water and is a lot quicker than the kettle. So its actually made our life easier!




With the days becoming warmer and brighter, we have started planning what we will grow in the garden, I am very excited to share the experience with Josh and Kate. I think it’s important for them to know where their food comes from.

The subtle changes we have made have been gradual and whilst they are making a difference we haven’t had to put much effort in. Being part of the Live Lagom project is a great way to make changes. Previously when we have tried to do things like this we have tried the all or nothing approach and have failed. I love that with Live Lagom we’ve got to explore new ways and these subtle changes are becoming habits that are easy to keep up.

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