#Alphablogbites E is For Earth

Earth: Mud #Coldcuppaclub

#Alphablogbites E is For Earth

Sometimes its the simplest things that make the best “toys”, digging up Earth is so much fun.

Josh and Kate love playing outside, they’ve got a sand table but that doesn’t get played with as much as the sand in the garden. Its more fun to dig up real Earth than play sand apparently. It also makes better mud cakes(although I do remember learning that one for myself, the mud was far more pleasing on the hands than the rough play sand).

Earth #coldcuppaclub

Earth #coldcuppaclub

Sometimes its the simple things that are the most fun, I think we are all guilty of wanting to give our children big plastic monstrosity of a toy when they would be just as happy with some water, some Earth and perhaps a wooden spoon.

Next time you need an add on product on Amazon, consider getting 3 wooden spoons for mud pies.

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